Landscaping Design and Construction

Landscaping design and construction designing a garden you must be open-minded and very creative. And have an overall knowledge of products that are available plants and council regulations and requirements The first step in designing A garden which is environmentally friendly serving its purpose and most of all pleasant to the Customer to look at as they will be looking at it for as long as they live in that house which is very important customer must be always happy .

Once garden is designed  steps must be takin before any excavation or drilling ensuring there is no underground power lines Sewer Telecom gas ect .  And second step is to make sure that when gardens and walls are built there is no holding of any water from rain all water must  flow off naturally or into drains . you must always make sure that you don’t put any soil all gravel above weep  holes around homes .when construction starts you must always be safety wise  and keep Site always clean and manageable to work.

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is durable long-lasting and maintenance free preparation for laying take out 150 mil of soil then fill road base or contactable product compact then fine layer of sand to soften the feel of grass level to desired slope and then lay synthetic grass glue in joints Pin down then fine layer of Sydney sand spread evenly through on top of grass this is to hold grass down and give it body Broome in then hose down and you’re done. Synthetic grass is ideal for preschools the elderly and just for the common really busy person and someone that just can’t be bothered mowing grass and wants it to look good all year round synthetic grass starts at about $80 Plus GST per square metre laid with a seven year guarantee no job too small or too big.

Boundary Fencing

This Boundry fencing masonry walls are very easily put together and look the part...

Water System

Sprinkler systems sprinkler systems can be his high tech or a simple...