Hi! I’m Steven from Steve’s Oasis Landscapes

My introduction to landscaping came in fifth class primary school. My teacher, by the name of Mr Peter Langyon from Horsley Park Primary, gave me the project of laying a brick on edge bordered garden around a portable classroom at the school. I continued my gardening career by growing the vegetables for my family and making play areas for my younger brothers, from here gardening became my hobby and eventually my career.

In 1989 after completing the Landscaping around my own house, a friend of mine came over and was impressed enough to ask me to construct a small garden for him. From here he recommended me to a few of his friends and my business took off.

In the first couple of years of my Landscaping career I used the same materials as most other Landscape gardeners and home gardeners, but I wanted to be different! I spent much time thinking of something that would be an original product, “The Slate Block“. The Slate Block was a hit and it was not uncommon to do several jobs on the one street.

Original Songs written and composed by Steven Vassallo. Songs about everyday life and situation. Copyright Steven Vassallo 2011

Track 1: Double Life

Track 2: Bruce my Mate

Track 3: Daddy told me

Track 4: First glance

Track 5:Forgive and forget

Track 6: Oh baby

Track 7: Five Weeks.mp3

Track 8: Still loving you

Track 9: Lord gift

Track 10: Missing you always Mum

Track 11: The right way

Track 12:Omnie (Maltese)

Track 13:Wonderful World

Track 14:You’re so young

Track 15:Thorne between two roses

Track 16:Sex Drug, Alcohol Funcked up